How to restore/reset npm configuration to default values?


I have played with npm set and npm config set for several times, now I want to reset to default values (a kind of factory reset).

Does npm provide a command to do that? or Should I delete all configuration files by hands then reinstall it?

I need it both on linux Centos and on Windows 8.

Thanks in advance!

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To reset user defaults

Run this in the command line (or git bash on windows):

echo "" > $(npm config get userconfig)
npm config edit

To reset global defualts

echo "" > $(npm config get globalconfig)
npm config --global edit

If you need sudo that run this instead:

sudo sh -c 'echo "" > $(npm config get globalconfig)'
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If you run npm config edit, you'll get an editor showing the current configuration, and also a list of options and their default values.

But I don't think there's a 'reset' command.

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If it's about just one property - let's say you want to temporarily change some default, for instance disable CA checking: you can do it with

npm config set ca ""

To come back to the defaults for that setting, simply

npm config delete ca

To verify, use npm config get ca.

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