Best practices for Heroku deploy if you have an actual build process?


I have a build process involving templating and file copying, which produces what I would like to deploy to Heroku.

But Heroku requires to push your source from a git repository.

What I currently see as my only option is to have a separate git repository, that only holds my build history. My project is a NodeJS server application.

Is there a better approach?


Problem courtesy of: Nikolay Tsenkov


I have create a grunt-init project template that simplifies the develop-build-deploy cycle of NodeJS server apps deployed on Heroku.

Here it is:

This will allow you to have a single repository for your server & client apps, AND do actual build work.

I am basically creating an ignored by git build dir, which I synch-up with your Heroku app. And of course scaffold the project with sample init, build and deploy scripts.

I hope this will be helpful to the community. :)

Solution courtesy of: Nikolay Tsenkov


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