Passportjs - How do I request a user's image using the Google strategy?


How can I configure my Google API access to request a user's image while authenticating? Currently 'profile' only contains the following properties after a user has successfull authenticated:

profile.identifier : (string)

profile.displayName : (string)

profile.emails : (object)

name :(object)

Isn't it possible to request the user's account image? Here is my current Passport/Google strategy configuration:

passport.use(new GoogleStrategy({
    clientID: CLIENT_ID,
    clientSecret: CLIENT_SECRET, 
    returnURL: 'http://localhost:3000/auth/google/return',
    realm: 'http://localhost:3000'
  function(identifier, profile, done) {
    console.log('identifier ' + identifier)
    for(var p in profile){
        console.log(p + ' : ' + profile[p])
        if(p === 'name'){
            for(var n in profile[p]){
                console.log(n + ' : ' + profile[p][n])

You can see that I am inspecting the profile to see what information is returned. I assume this needs to be configure somehow in my Google Api console. Is this a Google+ api feature?

Problem courtesy of: Nick


The profile object returned by passport, only maps a few fields: =;
profile.displayName =; = { familyName: json.family_name,
                 givenName: json.given_name };
profile.emails = [{ value: }];

But it does give you back a _json property that contains more information:


var picture = profile._json['picture'];
Solution courtesy of: Eugenio Pace


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