Dynamic method call from string with args - node.js


I want to write a little function which receive an array of objects which describe rule(s) to check, using node-validator.

I wrote this:


The error is at the line 68. I'm using the same example than describe in the method description. And I have to manage args dynamically too.

If I replace:

check(value, rule[j].message).rule[j]['function']();


check(value, rule[j].message).isNumeric();

It works. So my main problem is to call the good method...

Can you help me?

Problem courtesy of: Vadorequest


If you want to get the property of the object returned by check() based on the value of rule[j]['function'], you need to use bracket notation:

check(value, rule[j].message)[rule[j].function]();
Solution courtesy of: Ryan


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