Accessing nodes from a single IP


I'm developing a web application through node.js that connects to different clients in the network through a single port. In the image below, the web application works on all PCs with IP addresses 10.0.9.*.

What would be the best way to include the nodes below (using IPs 192.168.11.*) that share the same IP addresses but have other local unique addresses? network infrastructure

Or is there another solution to this problem? I may be boxed with the idea that they need to have unique 10.0.1.* addresses.

Problem courtesy of: Greenback Boogie


It is possible to access the nodes in using port forwarding. For example, your application can listen on a port from 6726-6730. All nodes will check these ports for each node they discover in the network.

Each open port will be treated as a node. Check the image below:

Network architecture

Solution courtesy of: rationalboss


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