Java escape JSON String?


I have the following JSON string that i am sending to a NodeJS server:

String string = "{\"id\":\"" + userID + "\",\"type\":\"" + methoden + "\",\"msg\":\"" + msget + "\", \"name\":\"" + namnet + "\", \"channel\":\"" + activeChatChannel + "\", \"visitorNick\":\"\", \"agentID\":\" " + agentID + "\"}";

PrintWriter pw = new PrintWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(os, "utf-8"));

The problem becomes when the string msget contains the character " and '

On the NodeJS server i am parsing the JSON like this:

var obj = JSON.parse(message);

Any ideas how i can manage to send all characters without problems?

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I would use a library to create your JSON String for you. Some options are:

This will make dealing with escaping much easier. An example (using org.json) would be:

JSONObject obj = new JSONObject();

obj.put("id", userID);
obj.put("type", methoden);
obj.put("msg", msget);

// etc.

final String json = obj.toString(); // <-- JSON string
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If you want to simply escape a string, not an object or array, use this:

String escaped = JSONObject.valueToString(" Quotes \" ' ' \" ");

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org.json.simple.JSONObject.escape() escapes quotes,\, /, \r, \n, \b, \f, \t and other control characters.

import org.json.simple.JSONObject;
String str = JSONObject.escape("test");
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Consider Moshi's JsonWriter class. It has a wonderful API and it reduces copying to a minimum, everything is nicely streamed to the OutputStream.

OutputStream os = ...;
JsonWriter json = new JsonWriter(Okio.sink(os));
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Try to replace all the " and ' with a \ before them. Do this just for the msget object(String, I guess). Don't forget that \ must be escaped too.

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According to the answer here, quotes in values need to be escaped. You can do that with \"

So just repalce the quote in your values

msget = msget.replace("\"", "\\\"");
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The best method would be using some JSON library, e.g. Jackson ( ).

But if this is not an option simply escape msget before adding it to your string:

The wrong way to do this is

String msgetEscaped = msget.replaceAll("\"", "\\\"");

Either use (as recommended in the comments)

String msgetEscaped = msget.replace("\"", "\\\"");


String msgetEscaped = msget.replaceAll("\"", "\\\\\"");

A sample with all three variants can be found here:

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This recipe can be found in it's original form on Stack Over Flow.