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I am building my first sailsjs and nodejs application, and it great :)

My situation, I have about 100 tables with the same stucture, I would like to decide "on the fly" which table to load.

my first thought was use somehow a dynamic class names. But I dont know how to do this with nodejs, maybe some one have an idea.

So I would create 100 "modelName".js files in my models folder.

I can use this in browser


But I don't have any window object in nodejs

Second idea was to pass the tableName to the model, the problem is, I have to reinit the model, don't know how.

Any solutions?

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Found a solution

var modelName = req.param('p');
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Own answer by author is correct, but I will add something just for people who will use it in the future - you can get modelName from req.options.model when you are using Blueprints.

Unfortunately you can't use this[modelName] as option is giving you model name starting with small letter, so first you have to upper case first letter with e.g. var modelName = req.options.model.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + req.options.model.slice(1);

and then you are free to use this[modelName].whateverYouNeed

I used it for generic policy to let user editing only his own group elements.

var modelName = req.options.model.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + req.options.model.slice(1)
  var elementID = null

  if ( { // To handle DELETE, PUT
    elementID =
  if ( { // To handle POST
    elementID =

    id: elementID
  }).exec(function(err, contextElement) {
    if(err) {
      return res.serverError(err)
    if( {
      sails.log('accessing own: ' + modelName)
      return next()
    else {
      return res.forbidden('Tried to access not owned object')
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Another option that worked for me:

var modelName = "User";
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