Unable to run lessc on Ubuntu 13.04. Not even a "command not found"


I installed less with sudo npm install -g less

Here are the last 10 lines of output:

npm http 304 https://registry.npmjs.org/ctype/0.5.2
npm http 304 https://registry.npmjs.org/asn1/0.1.11
npm WARN package.json ctype@0.5.2 No repository field.
/usr/bin/lessc -> /usr/lib/node_modules/less/bin/lessc
npm WARN package.json github-url-from-git@1.1.1 No repository field.
less@1.4.0 /usr/lib/node_modules/less
├── mime@1.2.9
├── mkdirp@0.3.5
├── ycssmin@1.0.1
└── request@2.21.0 (json-stringify-safe@4.0.0, forever-agent@0.5.0, aws-sign@0.3.0, qs@0.6.5, tunnel-agent@0.3.0, oauth-sign@0.3.0, cookie-jar@0.3.0, node-uuid@1.4.0, hawk@0.13.1, form-data@0.0.8, http-signature@0.9.11)

Browed here a bit and figured maybe those warnings weren't the issue. Seemed all well and good, except when I run lessc without parameters it just kicks me back to the command prompt. Unusual as lesscss.org states this should list options. Same behavior when I try a command like

lessc less/style.less > css/style.css

Just kicks me back to the command line as if I never tried to execute anything. Expected a "command not found" at the very least. style.css remains uncompiled.

Background: I'm recently new to Ubuntu after a lot of time on OS X. I was used to LiveReload, but I still haven't wrapped my head around guard-livereload I figured I wouldn't mind doing some manual compiling for a little while.

Update: I started from scratch and built from source. Instructions to build from source: https://gist.github.com/dwayne/2983873 lessc works fine now after reinstalling from npm. I feel like I must have had some sort of conflict via apt-get somehow.

Problem courtesy of: Kenjamin


I've encountered this in the past and solved it by adding a symlink to a directory on my path:

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/node_modules/less/bin/lessc /usr/local/bin/lessc

I see you've worked around your issue, but someone else may find this information useful.

Solution courtesy of: Stecman


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