Face Recognition with Node.Js


I need to develop face recognition system in node.js so, can anyone have any idea about it how to achieve this? I found this module which helps to detect faces https://github.com/peterbraden/node-opencv but I am looking face recognition. I have tried to search on internet but there is very few help available about that. I am new to this so, I really appreciate if someone guide me about this.

Problem courtesy of: khurrum qureshi


If you are new to node then building a facial recognition system is probably a bit beyond your scope currently. I would suggest writing a way to recognize faces in a language you are more proficient with, then exposing it's features to node later down the line.

This article may be of use to you, it describes how they built a facial recognition system for iOS using node as the server and Open CV for the recognition side.

Solution courtesy of: Ryan McDonough


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