Manipulating data before save with geddy


I have a few scenarios in my application where I need to manipulate the data before it is saved.

I have a CakePHP background so this I would normally do in a Model's beforeSave method.

Is there anything equivalent that I can do in my models in geddy?

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Check out the Model events.

Both the base model 'constructors,' and model instances are EventEmitters. The emit events during the create/update/remove lifecycle of model instances. In all cases, the plain-named event is fired after the event in question, and the 'before'-prefixed event, of course happens before.

The 'constructor' for a model emits the following events:

  • beforeCreate
  • create
  • beforeValidate
  • validate
  • beforeUpdateProperties
  • updateProperties
  • beforeSave (new instances, single and bulk)
  • save (new instances, single and bulk)
  • beforeUpdate (existing single instances, bulk updates)
  • update (existing single instances, bulk updates)
  • beforeRemove remove

For example:

var MyModel = function () { ... };

MyModel = geddy.model.register('MyModel', MyModel);

MyModel.on('beforeSave', function(data){
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