In JetBrains WebStorm 6, NodeJS/Javascript how can you define, in the comments a JSON example?


I have a function with a json parameter that comes with the same structure each time.

 * @param box {object}
function testBox( box )

I am looking for a way to instruct the autocomplete of a structure I insert in that input parameter aside for the fact that it is an {object}. I am looking to avoid typos in coding the function.

I have noticed if I add a structured json to a var, later in the function the IDE hints of the structure, but in the case of a function parameter, I don't do such a thing.

How might one do this?

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please, see the following thread:!topic/jsdoc-users/vR5REZ1I8Jc - the recommended way of documenting this is using @typedef WebStorm does support JSDoc @typedef annotation. In case oif any problems with resolving/typehinting, please, feel free to file a bug to

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