node.js - stream file without saving it temporarily


So this is my setup

I have a client from which files are uploaded to the node.js server (serverA) and from there I want to stream the files to another server (serverB) without saving the file temporarily (on serverA).

What is the simplest and the best way to achieve this?

I am able to upload the file to serverA but I don't want the temporary file to be stored.


its a simple ajax file uplaod to (severA)... The idea is to transfer byte-wise so that even if the connection goes off, you can read it back from that particular byte.

I am using express.js on serverA and backbone.js is the client using which I do the ajax uploads. For now there's no connection between A and B as such, they communicate through endpoints. serverA is running on port 4000 and serverB on port 5000. I want to somehow pipe the file from serverA to an endpoint on serverB.

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Since HttpRequest is a stream, you could use the request module to pipe the current request into the other endpoint inside your express route:'myroute', function (req, res) {
    var request = require('request');

Would that approach work?

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