Node.js failing to connect to MongoDB


I am new to both Node.js and MongoDB. I am following this guide: to create a simple blog with Node.js and MongoDB.

When node tries to connect to MongoDB, it is failing and I have no idea why.

In my app.js file i have:

var articleProvider = new ArticleProvider('', 27107);

In my articleprovider-mongodb.js file I have

var Db = require('mongodb').Db;
var Connection = require('mongodb').Connection;
var Server = require('mongodb').Server;
var BSON = require('mongodb').BSON;
var ObjectID = require('mongodb').ObjectID;

ArticleProvider = function(host, port) {
  this.db = new Db('node-mongo-blog', new Server(host, port, {auto_reconnect: true}, {}));{
    if(err) {

In my terminal I get:

9 Aug 10:48:19 - [nodemon] starting node app.js [Error: failed to connect to []]

I am running node.js v0.8.6 and mongodb v2.0.6

I have other code in these files but from what I can see it shouldn't effect the db connection.

Problem courtesy of: ACyphus


That happens when the mongod process is not running or you're connecting to the wrong host/ip.

Do you have it running on your localhost and if so can you access it from your from the mongo shell?

Try to test it with a minimum version of an app with node, express and the mongodb nodejs driver.

I tested it with these files:

And it worked fine, except for the last two lines of app.js, because of express 3.x instead of 2.x used in the example.

var server = app.listen(3000);
console.log("Express server listening on port %d in %s mode", server.address().port, app.settings.env);
Solution courtesy of: Gianfranco P.


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