Ascending vs Descending sort order with Async.js sortBy


I'm trying to sort an array of objects by their date property using Async.sortBy, from most recent to oldest. A bit of googleing suggests that I reverse sort order by passing * -1 in the callback instead of, but this does not have the intended effect. Obviously because the result of that is just NaN.

My dates are in the form 2012-07-12 using today's date as an example.

Sorry fr the brevity and lack of code samples, I'm on the road on my iPad at the moment.

I could just reverse the output array of the sorting I guess but that's not a particularly nice solution.

[{title: "title", date: "2012-07-12"}, {title: "title2", date: "2011-07-12"}]
Problem courtesy of: Austin Yun


what about this solution?

async.sortBy([{title: "title", date: "2012-07-12"}, {title: "title2", date: "2011-07-12"}], function(myObject, callback){
    return parseInt( '-' ).join(''), 10 ) * -1;
}, function(err, results){ ... });

in converts the date string into a sortable integer and reverses it by multipling with -1.

Solution courtesy of: zaphod1984


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