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Node.js + restify cant upload file

Im having problems uploading files to a node.js application using restify.

This is my upload code

Apparently the events are not being triggered, but I dont really know the reason, also the...

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How to remove unwanted keys and key values

Here is the original JSON object I am retrieving from my CouchDB database:

  "total_rows": 3,
  "offset": 0,
  "rows": [
      "id": "1e8fe199d4e761b71bb8920eb3003db2",
      "key": null,
      "value": {

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binding values while looping in constructor CoffeeScript

I have decided to use CoffeeScript and i have been trying to convert Node.js module of mine to CoffeeScript. So, here is the code in JS:

function Domain(obj){
    var self = this;
    for (var key in obj){
        this[key] = obj[key]; //merge...

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Removing named callbacks that are wrapped in an anonymous functions?

Is there a way to remove the listeners on a passed in named callback function that are wrapped in an anonymous function?

UPDATE. More complete code examples below.

Here are the details. I've a function that gets passed in a named...

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Bail suite on mocha (sub)suite error but continue next?

I'm using mocha in node.js with have bdd-style specs.

Is it possible to bail a sub-suite after the first error but continue it's parent/sibling suites?

Say I test different routes to access an api, then I want to abort a specific route if it's...

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How do I receive an http request with a Node.js server and then pass that request along to another server?

There's a lot going on here so I'll simplify this into a pseudo example. Forget about security and whatnot for a minute here. The point is to understand the functionality.

Let's say I'm running a local web server with node.js to dev a website. In the...

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how to use populate and aggregate in same statement?

this is my appointment collection

{ _id: ObjectId("518ee0bc9be1909012000002"), date: ISODate("2013-05-13T22:00:00Z"), patient:ObjectId("518ee0bc9be1909012000002") }

{ _id: ObjectId("518ee0bc9be1909012000002"), date: ISODate("2013-05-13T22:00:00Z"),...

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Basic AI in Node.js/Socket.IO

I'm creating a small game in Node.js/Socket.IO and need some advice on creating the AI. The code I have below is a real quick example I came up with but it's so fast the player doesn't even see the enemy move on the client-side. Am I on the right...

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Developing a real time collaborative drawing system

I am interested in making a realtime collaborative drawing system similar to . However I would like to only use open source tools (flockdraw uses flash and also limits the number of users) and also I will host it myself.


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Why mongoose.model.create's Callback Isn't Executed from within Express 3.x HTTP Request Handler (connect-mongodb is the cause, actually)

To put the problem stright in code:

expressApp.get('/', function requestHandler(req, res) {
  userMongooseModel.create(userPropertiesDict, NEVER_CALLED_CALLBACK);
  console.log('This is printed just fine but browser awaits response...

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Installing Appium server on Windows -- how to get past grunt errors?

I'm using this guide:

And on this step:

grunt configAndroidBootstrap

I can't get it to run. I've tried:

  1. Running it inside node.
  2. GitHub\appium\node_modules\.bin\grunt.cmd...

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Technical aspects of running Node.js and apache in parallel

Earlier today, I asked a question on the Programmers StackExchange: Is it bad practice to run Node.js and apache in parallel?

My end application can be considered a social network in which I want to have a chat feature and a normal status update...

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Is required when creating a custom EventEmitter?

There are a lot of example not using in custom event emitter constructors, while other are using it (official documentation):

var events = require('events')
  , util   = require('util');

var MyEmitter = function () {

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How do I deploy an Angular.js app?

This may be a stupid question, but I'm wondering what platform I should use to deploy my Angular.js app? I tried using Heroku but got a "no Cedar-supported app detected" error. Any thoughts?


I'm trying to serve this to heorku as a Node.js...

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Mongoose Schema - Requiring one to be unique but not both

I want to store an email string and password where only 1 needs to be unique. So someone can use the same email address with 2 different passwords (or 100) and have 100 accounts but all the passwords must be different however someone should still be...

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Does nodejs/V8 store compiled machine code anywhere on disk?

Edit: as @dystroy notes below, node uses machine code directly, not bytecode.

I do a lot of Python coding, and there's always bytecode lying around in .pyc files.

I was wondering if node stores its machine code in similar files, eg it would make...

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How can you stream a JSON file in Node.js and interpret it as JSON?

I have a JSON file that I want to use in a Node.js script. I want to pass the json and then the script to parse it. I tried using fs.readFileSync(filename), but that returns a buffer. How can I convert that back to JSON so that I can parse it?

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Async fluent javascript (node) interface (using deferreds)

What is the best way to build fluent interface in Javascript (node.js) with


where functions are asynchronous methods?

There is a module called chainsaw, but if it is possilble to do with deferreds and...

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Mongoose date format

Currently having an issue retrieving dates from mongoose. This is my schema:

var ActivitySchema = new Schema({
    activityName      : String
  , acitivtyParticipant  : String
  , activityType  : String
  , activityDate      : { type: Date, default:...

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Best node.js module for finding location?

I had found couple of node.js modules for finding the information about client location and network using ip address.


  1. Location - country, city, state, latitude, longitude etc.

  2. Network - Internet service Provider, Internet connection...

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grunt-contrib-concat: how to use option "process"

I am writing build system using Grunt for a Javascript library (Widget) that would concatenate, minify and package the files for distribution.

In the concatenation step I wanted to insert current date into one of the JS files with process option of ...

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TypeError on static method of mongoose model

I'm using node.js along with the MongoDb driver Mongoose 3.6.1. This is my schema definition:


var mongoose = require('mongoose'),
    Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var userSchema = new Schema({

module.exports = {

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JSON stringify conversion of float to int

I am using Node.js and the built-in JSON object to stringify a JSON object. In the object is

    weight : 1.0

However when I stringify and write to a file the output is weight : 1.

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node.js sending POST requests not working

I'm trying to send a post request but It is not sending. I dont get output in the console log of the browser.

My node server.js is running in x.x.x.x:8000 then I connect it with my client.html. x.x.x.x:8000/client.html

Here is my node.js...

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multiple async mongo request in nodejs

How to write multiple queries in a row?

Like a

Space.findOne({ _id: id }, function(err, space) {
    User.findOne({ user_id: userid }, function(err, user) {
        res.json({ space: space, user: user});

does not look good with more...

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