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Node.js -- please help me with recursion

I have the following Node.js code:

var exec=require('child_process').exec;

var base_ctrl_port=8118;
var base_data_port=9050;
var nConns=10;

setInterval(watchdogCycle, 60000);   //check health every 60 seconds...


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Process.nextTick or child_process?

I am trying to allow users to export their contact list in csv format. I am confused on how to run export_connect_csv() function. should i put it in child process or process.nextTick?

function export_connect_csv(user_id, file_location){

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Node.js ssh won't run again

I have three Ubuntu servers, let's call them A, B, C. On server A, I have installed node.js and On server B, I have installed apache and php. I would like to send a event through php from server B to server A. When the event is...

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Deploy Nodejs on Heroku fails serving static files located in subfolders

I'm deploying a NodeJs application using Heroku. Everything works fine except a little issue serving static files.

I have the following configuration

app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/htdocs'));

It works fine except when I try to serve static...

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Socket.send on the server on page request

Is it possible for the server to do a socket.send on page request?

so it any client that request a certain page the server side can send a post message to all clients.

so when a web request comes into a page called "status". i want the server code...

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Error calling 'npm install' with Meteor via Demeteorizer

I'm currently getting this error when trying to call 'npm install' on the generated file by demeteorizer.

npm WARN package.json gw2events@0.0.1 No repository field.
npm WARN package.json progress@0.0.5 No repository field.
npm WARN package.json...

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How to integrate nodeJS + Socket.IO and PHP?

I have recently been looking around, to find a good way to communicate between nodeJS and PHP. Here is the idea : nodeJS is still quite new, and it can be kind of tricky to develop a full application only with it. Moreover, you may need it only for...

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Attachment is not working properly in node-mailer?

Hi Am using node mailer to send mails.. It works fine with out attachment.But whenever i give some attachment it takes the default content 'data' as its content.. How should i avoid this..

My node mail function is looks like this...


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NodeJS ExpressJS PassportJS - for Admin Pages Only

Im using NodeJS, ExpressJS, Mongoose, passportJS & connect-ensure-login. Authenticating users works perfectly.

var passport = require('passport')
  , LocalStrategy = require('passport-local').Strategy
  , ensureLoggedIn =...

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module.exports in nodejs - fn vs object

I'm trying to understand the difference between the following two alternate representations of what I thought was the same functionality.


module.exports = function () {
    var apiRegistry = {};
    var files =...

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What does ** mean in a path?

ive been setting up Grunt for my web app to auto build it and im seeing paths like


i understand what one wildcard means, but what does 2 in a row mean?

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Which Node.js project uses a given dependency?

I have a folder that contains all my cloned GitHub repositories. Now I would like to get a list of all the repositories that reference a given dependency.

I think of something such as:

$ whouses async

And then I'd like to get a list of all...

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Does asynchronous programming in node.js speed up CPU-bound tasks?

Earlier today I responded to a question with this answer. In the example that I posted, I used the synchronous version of a call in the bcrypt node module. I chose to use the synchronous version of the call primarily because I thought it made the...

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How to change node.js swig module extension for .twig

My templates files extensions are .html and i cannot use autocompletion of my IDE which require .twig extension to do so

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Apply function to field on all documents returned from MongoDB query in nodejs

I want to apply a truncate(string, words) function to the 'body' field of all Article documents returned by a mongoose query. An example would be as follows:

    .sort({'meta.created': 'desc'})

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How to update npm package from a local folder

I cloned some npm package from github and put the package in a local folder, e.g.


I used "npm install -g" to install the package, which works really well.

npm install -g c:\git\package

However, when I did some change in the code...

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Multiple Connections in node.js

I've been using node.js for a while and just playing around with the modules. I have a question, Is it possible to connect multiple node.js servers and have a communication link between them?

what I mean to say is, I have 3 node.js severs each...

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SALT and HASH password in nodejs w/ crypto

I am trying to figure out how to salt and hash a password in nodejs using the crypto module. I am able to create the hashed password doing this:

UserSchema.pre('save', function(next) {
  var user = this;

  var salt =...

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How to send data back to node from casperjs?

How can I send data back to node, from a process launched via execfile in nodeJS? preferably in a JSON format.

This is how my code looks like right now:

//index.js NodeJS
var execFile = require('child_process').execFile;
var express =...

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Nodejs/Express - 'title' not rendering

I am working through Sams "Node.js in 24 Hours". Chapter 8 is giving me difficulty (longer more than an hour)! Example 07 allows the programmer to create a page whereby a user can create a task list that is stored in MongoDb. The code uses Express...

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Easily print current package version in node.js

I have a node.js project to run on browser, so I have a Makefile with a few tasks that bundle everything in a single file (with browserify) and then minify it (uglify-js). I decided to use a Makefile instead of Grunt or others because it's simple and...

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What is nodejitsu hosting details for nodejs

"A drone is an individual unit of computing power."

i cant understand what that means.... how much space?

incoming traffic per month?




internet speed?

I have searched their plans. They say you get 1drone for 10 dollars a...

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Two database queries in Mongoose with Express

There are a lot instances where I have to make two database queries that depend on each other .. But because of the asynchronous nature of js, I can't set the order of these query requests. The work around I have been using is put one of the queries...

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nodejs equivalent of this .htaccess

Is it possible to build a code like this in node.js?

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
     RewriteEngine on

     RewriteCond% {REQUEST_URI}! / (View) / [NC]
     RewriteCond% {REQUEST_FILENAME}!-F
     RewriteRule ^ (. *) $ Index.html [L,...

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Store Series of 0s and 1s in MySQL database

I'm using MySql and Nodejs. I need to store a huge string made of only 0s and 1s. (This is a map grid. 0 = Can Move, 1 = Can't move.)


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