node.js game server framework?


Is there a game server framework for Node.js? I was using nowjs, but I'd like something more geared toward games. While I'd prefer free/open source, i'm willing to look into commercial also. The only requirement I have is that it has to be node.js based.

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Maple.js is a solid starting point for a multiplayer node based game.

The ground architecture has been done and you can check out any other games by Ivo Wetzel to get some inspiration.

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I would recommend Derby. There is example of game on Derby.

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Disclaimer: I am the author of this experimental game networking framework.

I would recommend checking Nexy. It can help you write modular game servers.

Nexy is a middleware based TCP framework for Node. Written for Multiplayer Games.

The design is inspired by Connects and Express middleware system and those patterns are already proven in production.

Try it with npm install nexy.

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Pomelo is a much better game server framework. It developed much better than other framework. It is much more scalable, can hold many online users. you can see it on github:

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shellyjs - sync and async, user reg, stats, object storage, clustering, default turn based game module, player matching, email, connect4 and tictactoe examples, HTTP, WebSocket, and TCP

disclosure - I work on this.

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Have played around with Osmus. Check it out.

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Try Pomelo.js . A distributed game server framework for node.js

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