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Asynchronous programming is the next up-and-coming paradigm... or so it seems. I have been programming in Node.js for the past few months and have been learning to write code this way. I have a coworker who works in Silverlight and I have been trying to teach him how to use the TPL. I have also been showing him the "await" keyword and how it works.

After a while, using callbacks becomes pretty normal. In Node.js, I am using the caolan/async project to avoid deeply nested callbacks. I have taken a peek at the source code, but it is like reading the STL for the very first time.

Even though I have learned a lot of techniques that work in this environment, I worry I am missing others. I was curious if there were any reading materials/videos that explained async programming techniques and how to build an async library like the TPL or caolan/async.

Just trying to master the paradigm before it's everywhere.

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Well even though I know most of Async source code and how does it work, but I still use async mostly. So don't worry about that, you don't need to know exactly how it works. But as of learning, well I suggest you to read these articles:

These are the best things that I've seen on the net explaining async control flow at without any abstractions.

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