Eclipse+Node.js error when debugging: "Failed to connect to Standalone V8 VM connect timed out"


Here is how I've done:

but in the image after "Now start making new debug configuration by clicking the “New” button:"

my image is different.

However when I run the debug I get the "Failed to connect to Standalone V8 VM connect timed out" error;

In the debug configuration I never set the main file to run when the server starts. so something must be missing...

I have another little question...

when I run the "node --debug dbgtest.js" code it works... what I'm doing it wrong?

thanks a lot

Problem courtesy of: Totty.js


You are doing nothing wrong. Of course the debugger will fail to connect if you are not running your node --debug dbgtest.js, which defaults to port 5858. It simply can’t connect then.

You can specify different ports: node --debug[=port] dbgtest.js, as it also says in the beginning of the wiki link.

Solution courtesy of: Frederik Krautwald


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