Clients get disconnected automatically


I am trying to implement a chat module for my app and getting 2 problems.

The first one is that my clients in sockets keep on disconnecting automatically. Here's what I am doing.

My clients get connected in a room which is dynamically created and the name of the room is a random ID that i generate.Now when a client sends a message I print a log to see how many people are there in the room and it logs "2" on the server side which is correct.But when I keep on sending messages from the clients to the server it start showing me "1" client is connected and after some time it shows me 0 clients are connected in the room.The people are automatically disconnecting why is this happening?

socket.on('SendChat',function(msgobj){      //pass the message to all people in the room.
console.log("Msg from" + msgobj.MsgSenderName + " in RoomID = "+ msgobj.RoomID);
console.log("People in room " +io.sockets.clients(msgobj.RoomID).length);'RecieveChat',msgobj);  

This event is raised on the server side when someone sends a message from any of the client and the msgobj will contain the RoomID.So you can see I am logging number of people in the room.

The second problem is I am trying to broadcast the message which I recieve from a client.But the event at the other client is not raised.In the above code you can see the last line I used to broadcast msg to all the other clients but the events at those clients is not fired I don't know why.Here's what is on my client


and here's my log

enter image description here You can see the RoomID is same but the people in room are leaving and this snapshot is only showing 1 people in room before that there were two people in room which then cut of to 1 and eventually 0.


When I change'RecieveChat',msgobj); to socket.broadcast.emit('RecieveChat',msgobj); it starts working but not working if I emit inside a room using the to method.

Transport end (close timeout) this seems to be causing the issue.How to resolve this?

Problem courtesy of: Mj1992


Finally found the solution here the problem was with the version of that I was using.

Solution courtesy of: Mj1992


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