creating derbyjs app in windows


probably a stupidd question. I have installed node.js on my Windows 7 machine and and trying to install derbyjs. i ran the "npm install -g derby" command and everything seemed fine.

Now when i try to create a new app via

 derby new --coffee testProj01

it gives me the error that derby is not a recognized command. I tried running the new project command from the node_modules/derby/bin directory as well. now it shows the "choose an application to open selected file" popup.

i guess the problem is that there is no exe in the bin folder. Am i supposed to build derby before i can work on it? How do I do that?

Problem courtesy of: Rishav Sharan


Derby and the libraries it depends on are now working again on Windows as of v0.3.8. Do a node install and a npm update and you should be good.

See for background.

Solution courtesy of: studgeek


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