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How do I deep copy in javascript?

I have a situation similar to what you see below. The variable id is set to '03' before the first asynchronous callback is returned. Is there a way to deep copy, or "close" around the variable like you can with blocks in Objective-C? Is there a best...

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Creating facebook app with callback url

I am creating a facebook app. And I want to let users to login to my website using it(Using passportjs).

But to do that, I need to give callback url(my website url). But I couldn't find that field in the facebook app creating page.

Am I missing...

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Sessions on AppFog with ExpressJS

I get a problem with sessions on my ExpressJS App. In local it works perfectly but when I host my App on AppFog I get some issues with the sessions, they are lost sometimes... In my admin panel.

I don't know why but, when the page is refreshed, the...

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Express router conflicting with Backbone pushstate

An Express / route serves my Backbone's app index.html.

I'm using pushstate in Backbone but the routes that Backbone should handled are being handled by express, giving 404 responses.

How can I setup Express to serve the index.html but to delegate...

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NODEJS writeStream error

var http = require('http');
var fs = require('fs').createWriteStream('file1');;

http.createServer(function(req, res) {
  // This opens up the writeable stream to `output`

  // This pipes the POST data to the file

  // After all the...

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Jade templating, variable scope in includes

I am using Jade (without Express, just for static HTML templating) - which I understood as able to create partials, meaning scope is not an issue, but this doesn't seem to be the case and I can find no reference to this use-case.



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Updating a node module doesn't affect the program

I'm experiencing something weird.

I have a node project that uses an external module imported with npm into the node_modules directory.

Now I am making a change in the node module code and when I run my app the change doesn't kick in (I know because...

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Mongodb / MongoHQ connection from Nodejitsu

I seem to be having trouble connecting to MongoHQ (via MongoSkin) on jitsu. I can connect from localhost though, and all I'm doing is changing my env var and jitsu deploying. It's just strange that it works locally but not deployed. I had talked with...

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Error with Express on AppFog but not in local

I get an error when I host my app on AppFog. Line 50, when I call JSDOM... The issue doesn't appear in local, I don't understand why it doesn't work in remote...

My code (works in local):

exports.index = function(req, res) {

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Mongoose: Get max id from table before inserting new row

When I post a request to my node server to create a new item I need to get the max item id from the item table.

I.E. I am using an itemId as a one up sequence in that table.

var Item = new Schema({
  itemId: {type: Number, required: true}

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Not able to connect to databse using nodejs

I am very new to nodejs and am not able to figure out what exactly is going on here- i have a basic login page, in which as the user types in the values, i go to the home page, before which i check up on the database if that username exists or not....

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ExpressJS and MongooseJS: can I query array values in a subdocument?

I've got a web api written using expressjs and mongoosejs.

The main schema in the app contains a subdocument, permissions, which contains array fields. Those arrays contain ids of users who can perform an action on that document.

I'm trying to...

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Can I scan my local network for specific open ports quickly?

I would like to know if there's a way to scan through my local network's IP range for open ports of a specific number.

Essentially I'm looking for nodejs to find clients of a specific type without knowing their IP addresses. In this case, RFID...

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How come my views are not returned when exported from a file in my routes directory?

I'm just experimenting with basic routing in ExpressJS and so far I have two routes:

app.get('/', function(req,res) {

app.get('/pics', function(req,res) {

When defined like this, in my app.js,...

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Node Express markdown loop

How do I loop over an object and output markdown as part of the loop in my jade template?

Here is my template file

block content
    h1= title
    p Welcome to #{title}
      each post in posts
        li!= :markdown

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Using sparse: true still getting MongoError: E11000 duplicate key error

Schema (../models/add.js)

var addSchema = new Schema({
    name: {type: String, unique: true, sparse: true},
    phone: Number,
    email: String,
    country: Number

module.exports = mongoose.model('Contact', addSchema);



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form(method='get') works for node.js, but status: pending in dev-tools

I am making a webpage that uses forms to submit user votes to a mongo database using node. While the code below sucessfully modifies the db, it causes a pending status operation in chrome dev-tools. This prevents all js from running, and after a few...

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Forever.js: Using one instance for multiple users

I've got Forever.js running, but what I'm trying now is to let more than one user use the same Forever.js instance.

If I start a file with Forever.js right now, I cannot see/stop/restart it with another user. If I do Forever.js list there, it shows...

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Browser websocket fallback and support

Simple question: I saw on the site of several fallbacks for websockets (

But I can not find (even after a long google session) which browsers use which fallback. The reason I'm asking is that I want to...

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Heroku Node.js Remote Mysql Database IP Address

I have a remote Mysql database that I am connecting to through Node.js on Heroku. My MySql host (bluehost) wants me to input IP Adresses of all remote MySql connections.

Heroku doesn't have a dedicated IP for my app, so how can I connect to it?...

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Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Node.js and serial port

Im trying to talk to my arduino from a node.js server script.

Here's my code:

var app = require('express')()
, server = require('http').createServer(app)
, io = require('').listen(server)
, SerialPort  =...

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How do I use Gently to stub a method of an object that is not immediately exposed by a module?

I'm using the AWS SDK for NodeJS.

I've got a module (moduleFoo) set up like this:

if (global.GENTLY) { require = GENTLY.hijack(require); }

var aws = require("aws-sdk"),

exports.initEC2Client = function () {
    ec2 = new...

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Unable to connect in node.js with tls

I have googled and search in stackoverflow, any thread related to, or node.js+tls, or ssl, an so on... but I cannot find any way of building what I need:

A node.js server connected to the client through and using tls (only...

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Response encoding with node.js "request" module

I am trying to get data from the Bing search API, and since the existing libraries seem to be based on old discontinued APIs I though I'd try myself using the request library, which appears to be the most common library for this. My code looks...

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Derby.js TypeError: Object function (files)

Everytime I try to run the basic server.js that comes with a new project I ge the following errors:

node server.js

Master pid 5078
   info  - started
5079 listening. Go to:...

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