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Link facebook data to currently logged in user with Passport.js

I'm using passport.js and I'm wounding if I can link a facebook id to a logged in user's account. Something like this:

passport.use( new FacebookStrategy({
        consumerKey: ---
        consumerSecret: ---
        callbackURL: "http://mycallback"

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The URI string is too Long exception - Making a request to node.js

I just ran into this issue while making a GET request to a node.js server from .NET. Ultimately, I am trying to pass a large JSON object through the query string. I have been looking to see if there is a way to increase the size of the URI in .NET...

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Advantages of bundledDependencies over normal dependencies in NPM

npm allows us to specify bundledDependencies but what are the advantages of doing so? I guess if we want to make absolutely sure we get the right version even if the module we reference gets deleted, or perhaps there is a speed benefit with...

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Profiling Node.js using DTrace

I am currently profiling my node.js application.I found this blog: that suggests I should use Dtrace. I installed dtrace on ubuntu 12.04 using steps given here: ...

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I am creating a Node.js app on Heroku and have run into an issue. I am trying to use in my application but am getting a "Bad Bind" error from Heroku because Hook uses port 5000. Does anyone know of a way around this, maybe by somehow telling...

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Mongoose: how to model object hierarchy?

I am using Mongoose 2.7.0 with node.js.

How can I describe a schema with a single embedded object?

Effectively I want to end up my schema matching with a JSON structure like:

    title: "",
    position: {
       loc: [0, 0],
       street: "",

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Why is MongoDB unable to insert the same JSON twice in a row?

I'm using the Node.js native driver. The following works fine

db.collection("test").insert({hello:'world_safe'}, {safe: true}, function(err, result) {
    if (err) throw err;
    db.collection("test").insert({hello:'world_safe'}, {safe: true},...

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REST API: How to search for other attribute

I use node.js as REST API. There are following actions available:

  1. /contacts, GET, finds all contacts
  2. /contacts, POST, creats new contact
  3. /contacts/:id, GET, shows or gets specifiy contact by it's id
  4. /contacts/:id, PUT, updates a specific...

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Node.js global variable property is purged

my problem is not about "memory leakage", but about "memory purge" of node.js (expressjs) app.

My app should maintain some objects in memory for the fast look-up's during the service. For the time being (one or two days) after starting the app,...

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How to integrate Expressjs and UnderscoreJS

I'm making an Expressjs app however I don't particularly want to use Jade. I installed UnderscoreJS successfully into my app so I can use its templating capabilities (as well as some of its other features).

My question is when I want to insert, for...

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deploying a node.js on a new domain

I have a server that runs different websites on different ports. All of them (but one) are Apache servers and thanks to webmin, I managed to have, for instance, point to and to, somehow...

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Persistent variables in nodeJS

I am writing a node app that needs to remember data across connection iterations of the createServer() callback. Is there a simple way that doesn't involve databases or file r/w? I've sofar attempted creating objects in the respective modules and even...

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Determining session ID from WebDriverJS

I'm trying to run WebDriverJS on the browser, but the documentation is somewhat vague on how to get it controlling the host browser. Here, it says:

Launching a browser to run a WebDriver test against another browser is a tad redundant ...

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Get Hubot to talk at a certain time?

I'm thinking about making a Hubot clock-based notifier (think "It's 5, time to go home!" but less annoying and for a different reason). What's the best way to go about doing something like this in a Hubot script?

[edit] Here's an example using...

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Which azure service, i should choose for my node.js app?

I am new to Microsoft windows azure cloud and want to run my node.js app in azure cloud. I read the windows azure Node.js Developer Center site ( ) and it seems my app can run in azure cloud multiple...

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What are all the ways CouchDB reponses fail?

I'm building a Node.js application on the express.js framework with CouchDB as a database. I'm utilizing CouchDB's session api for maintaining session state, and various databases for different sections of data.

On essentially every request my...

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Zombie.js Returns Improper Page Content

I am new to zombie and just trying to get a basic test running. I have the following code:

var Browser = require('zombie');

var startTime = +new Date();

Browser.visit("", function(e, browser) {
    var duration;


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Convert a directory structure in the filesystem to JSON with Node.js

I have a file structure like this:

|_ fruits
|___ apple
|________ apple001.jpg
|________ apple002.jpg
|_ animals
|___ cat
|________ cat001.jpg
|________ cat002.jpg

I would like to, using Javascript and Node.js,...

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ParseError on Node.js http request

Hello StackOverflow community!

I started to learn Node.js recently, and decided to implement a reverse HTTP proxy as a task. There were a couple of rough places, which I managed to get through on my own, but now I'm a bit of stuck, and need your...

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pushing tty output to node

For the satisfaction of my curiosity gene i'd like to play with bash/node combo. I don't know how to make those 2 talk together. I just had a great smile on my face finding about TTY.JS ;-)

How do I feed terminal's output (sdtout?) to node? I...

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How to determine is string represent a directory or a file in Node.js?

Possible Duplicate:
Check synchronously if file/directory exists in Node.js

For example, i have a string "C:/dev/image.folder", and i want to determine, is it directory or a file (synchronously). How can i do it?

Thanks in advance!

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Rendering HTML in variable using Jade

I have some text stored in a variable which contains some HTML. For example, the cat in the hat. However, when I render it in Jade, it shows up with the tags instead of rendering the formatting. How can I fix this?

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Where is ToCString's header, or how to convert arguments to cstrings?

I'm trying to use ToCString in a NodeJS addon.

String::Utf8Value foo_utf8(args[0]->ToString());
const char *foo = ToCString(foo_utf8);

I can't find it's header, and if I manually prototype it as:

const char* ToCString(const v8::String::Utf8Value&...

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Redis Bitset operations in Node.js / Express.js

I'm very new to Node.js and Redis. I read this article, and want to use a bitset to store all the user information for my Express.js app, as mentioned in this article: ...

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Encryption and Decryption between Android, PHP & node.js

I'm trying to encrypt a string in Java on Android, and then decrypt it using PHP and/or node.js

I've tried, but only the first half the returned hex string works.

I want the...

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