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Weird node.js' require behavior

I've been using node.js for about a year, and I always did that kind of stuff. But for some reason (maybe it's related to 0.8.x) now when I do it, it doesn't work anymore.

Here's some code:

Let's say I have test.js:

var test = {

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Commander.js : script not waiting for user input

I am just starting to use node.js and commander.js so it might be a stupid question...

So I am trying to make a command line tool where I need to ask some info to the user. I am trying to use commander.js as it seems simple. The problem is that when...

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node-expat compiled on windows but module not found and node-gyp were used to compile it. node_expat.node was generated. I get the follow error when reference in code:

  process.dlopen(filename, module.exports);
Error: The...

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Nodejs asynchronous confusion

I can't seem to grasp how to maintain async control flow with NodeJs. All of the nesting makes the code very hard to read in my opinion. I'm a novice, so I'm probably missing the big picture.

What is wrong with simply coding something like...

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How to call a function in main v8 loop from a different thread

I am trying to implement an audio module for nodejs which involves a neural network.

This neural network has 2 types of nodes

  1. Pure C++
  2. C++ based on JAVASCRIPT ( which involves calling a javascript function )

As far as i know its not possible...

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how to use exsl:node-set from nodejs/node_xslt?

I am trying to use EXSLT node-set function from nodejs via node_xslt module. This is a simple wrapper around the libxslt library that has support for EXSLT as I could get it. Yet any reference to exsl:node-set produces Thi is how I use it.


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Node.js for a backbone.js application?

I will be making an javascript application using either backbonejs or canjs for the frontend and need a server-side language to connect to the database. Would node.js work fine for this?

I cant find any docs on someone trying to use node.js as the...

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What javascript parser sould I use to re-implement jsCoverage in JavaScript for node?

I really like code-coverage reports for my code in node.js. I've already created a node.js module that can inject instrumented code (and mock our require statements) called requiremock

I'm using that in my other module nodecoverage together with the...

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split() issues in node.js + express

When I try to split a string in node I get the following error...

TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'split'

Here is the split code I am using...

var query = req.query;


I am using express to create my server, it seems...

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Serving HTTP/1.0 responses with Node.JS (unknown content length, chunked transfer encoding)

The Problem

I am serving a resource of unknown length via Node.JS. Because of this, the Content-Length header cannot be set. For HTTP 1.1, it is required that chunked encoding is used for resources of this nature. Node.JS knows this and sends my...

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Is measuring js execution time a way to tell how quickly the app is responding to requests?

I have something like a microtime() function at the very start of my node.js / express app.

function microtime (get_as_float) {
    // Returns either a string or a float containing the current time in seconds and microseconds  

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Is it possible to call a function from another function, using an external variable?

I've created a function that creates a session ID

sessionId = ot.create_session(location, function(sessionId){
    console.log('The session ID is: ' + sessionId + '++++++++');
    return sessionId;

I can print out the session ID from within the...

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Callback recall itself

I have a function that inserts into a database a random number in a column that is the primary key.

I have a problem when the number is already in the database I want to call the process again to change the number and try to insert again but I am a...

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Fasted way to increment a persistent counter from a node.js app?

I have a search engine written in node.js/express that is currently not logging any statistics, and I'd like to start keeping track of # of queries per day. So I just need a persistent counter that I can increment each time a query is submitted. (I'll...

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node.js buffering tcp data and delimiters

I'm trying to write a quick and dirty tcp server and have trouble with delimiters. Per this question I'm buffering incoming data and looking for delimiters (in this case '\r\n'. However, when I telnet in and send a message


The below...

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Node.js spawn vlc child process not working in express

I'm using node.js and express to create a controller of sorts for my home media centre that can be operated through a browser.

I'm having a lot of trouble spawning the VLC process, but strangely only it works when executed from the node prompt, just...

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Sending command line arguments to npm script

The scripts portion of my package.json currently looks like this:

"scripts": {
    "start": "node ./script.js server"

...which means I can run npm start to start the server. So far so good.

However, I would like to be able to run something...

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Migrating Express.js 2 to 3, specifically app.dynamicHelpers() to app.locals.use?

Updated Express.js from version 2 to 3, and the following call to app.dynamicHelpers({..}) broke as it is no longer present in V3:


    request: function(req){
      return req

There's a migration guide...

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Expressjs doesn't destroy session

I have an Backbone View which sends an Ajax call to the server to remove a session.

On the server following event is triggered:

app.delete('/session', function(req, res) {
    if (req.session) {
        req.session.destroy(function() {

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CoffeeScript compiler without node.js?

I'd like to use CoffeeScript(CS) and the CS Compiler but without having to install Node.js.

I saw that the core compiler of CS is in JavaScript, so there's no need for Node.js to be installed, but I can't find any compiler written in Python/Java or...

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Calling node-mongodb-native inside node-csv-parser: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

I'm using node-csv-parser to read in csv data and store it in mongodb using mongoose. However I'm trying to speed up the import, and I want to evaluate using the native save method exposed by node-mongodb-native, accessed in mongoose using...

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What is the best way to query this in mongoose?

I have 2 model users and user_verifications. user have username and email, and so does user_verification.

Before I insert data to user, I insert the data in user_verification first. So, I want to know if username or email is already...

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putting node on heroku- Getting started

I am a begineer with Node and Heroku.

Was going through this link wherein they have a section "Declare Dependencies With NPM".

  "name": "node-example",
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "dependencies": {

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What is destroying the process memory?

2012-07-20T03:04:50+00:00 heroku[web.1]: Process running mem=546M(106.8%)
2012-07-20T03:04:50+00:00 heroku[web.1]: Error R14 (Memory quota exceeded)
2012-07-20T03:05:11+00:00 heroku[web.1]: Process running mem=583M(113.9%)

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res.redirect from POST

For some reason I cant redirect to /blog once my login is completed. In my login controller I have the following.

module.exports = {

    post: function(req, res) {
         var login = req.body['login'];                      

         if (login &&...

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