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Sort in MongooseJS 3.3.1 in ascending and descending order

I have REST based API in NodeJS and MongooseJS ODM. To GET the list of departments URL is http://localhost:25718/Department?SortBy=Name&SortType=asc(desc-for descending). And sorting code is

 var Query = Department.find();
 if(req.query.SortBy) {

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NodeJS: process.nextTick vs Instant Callbacking

I write lots of modules which look like this:

function get(index, callback) {
    if (cache[index] === null) {
        request(index, callback); // Queries database to get data.
    } else {

Note: it's a bit...

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insert some data after response on node.js

I wrote a website tracker for internal use, since Google Analytic don't meet the requirement.

I use node.js with Express to develop that tracking system. Everything works well so far. But I want to confirm is, if there is some problem behind if I...

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Two way communication with server side objects for web-application development


My background is high scale object oriented middleware and Applications development for embedded devices and desktops with C++. Now we need to create a high scale web-app for our startup.


Request-response based and...

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Set content length of request based on content in node

How to set the content length of the request based on the content?

For example:

POST /Display HTTP/1.0
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 125

    "Tid": "Tid-123456",
    "SessionId" : "1350711351232058820" 


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js Function queue

So essentially what I'm trying to do is have a queue of functions that I can add to. These functions are suppose to be drawing things to a canvas like in an requestAnimationFrame.

What I've tried:

var drawQueue = [];
function animate() {

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node.js passing variables

I am looking for some direction here from some seasoned node.js programmers. The biggest issue I am running into is passing around variables into separate modules. For example in my server.js I have the following:

var db =...

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How to implement jQuery direct upload to Cloudinary on node.js

I'm trying to implement direct uploads to Cloudinary via their jQuery plugin to a Node.js application, and am wondering if anyone can help me close some gaps in their examples.

Here's the blog post that explains how to do it:


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Mongoose.js Error saving document with unusual but seemingly acceptable string value

I'm getting an error saving a document to mongoose.js from Node.js. This code has worked fine for a while but it's now causing a problem with Javascript objects with key values that seem fine otherwise.

What's being saved is a document where one...

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how to generate video thumbnail in node.js?

am building a app with node.js, i successfully uploaded the video but i need to generate a video thumbnail for it, currently i use node exec to excute a system command of ffmpeg to make the thumbnail

   exec("C:/ffmpeg/bin/ffmpeg -i Video/" + Name  +...

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Node.js scraping, converting image src -> full URL

I'm using Cheerio ( to scrape websites and get images for a project I'm working on. I'm wondering if there's an easy way with Node.js (or another package) to convert the $(img).attr('src') to a fully...

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Error running node app in WebMatrix

I installed WebMatrix and followed these instructions to install IIS 7 on my Windows 7 machine.

When I click 'Run' to run my express node app, the browser pops up and tells me

The iisnode module is unable to start the node.exe process. Make sure...

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Nodejs: iterate over req.files properties

I'm quite new to nodejs and sometimes I come across difficulties :) So for example. I'm sending an image file via AJAX and recieve it successfully in my app.

console.log(req.files) prints:

    img_1351078491675: {
        size: 354683,

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Mongoose populate embedded

I use Mongoose.js and cannot solve problem with 3 level hierarchy document.

There 2 ways to do it.

First - without refs.

C = new Schema({
    'title': String,

B = new Schema({
    'title': String,
    'c': [C]

A = new Schema({

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Rollback on node.js install on Windows 7 x64 PC

I've been trying to get node.js installed on my home PC for a while now with no luck. I've tried different versions for the past couple months and no matter what I try it starts rolling back the install at "Creating shortcuts" and it fails to install....

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Meteor blocking clarification

According to the meteor docs, inserts block:

On the server, if you don't provide a callback, then insert blocks until the database acknowledges the write, or throws an exception if something went wrong. If you do provide a callback, insert...

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Node+MongoDB: find in collection

I just don't know why it's not working(( val.instruments is undefinded.

function getInstruments(callback) {
    db.collection("settings", function(error, settings) {
        settings.find({ "settings" : "settings" }, function (err, val) {

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Running arbitrary MongoDB scripts through Node.js driver

I have a combination of complex MongoDB scripts that runs from the command line as follows:

$ mongo mydb config.js task.js

Since I can't run shell scripts in my server environment and need to schedule the above task, I figured I could simply...

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Express + Socket.IO + RabbitMQ (node-amqp)

I'm having a hard time putting all these three together, probably because I'm not getting properly the concept of routing with Express.

I have a RabbitMQ queue with event updates. We can recognize these events by their id. So I want to get on a given...

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How to make a node.js server with rooms scalable

I have designed a Node.JS server that allows users to log in, join a room and exchange data with other users in this room using websockets. However I am now looking for a way to make this setup scalable.

I spend all afternoon researching various...

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Handling assets in node.js with express

ok so what I am trying to do is manually handle my assets when using express. What I mean is that I do not what to have to have every stylesheet/javascript file on every page. So I wanted to be able to specify in each route whether I wanted to use...

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Prompt a csv file to download as pop up using node.js and node-csv-parser (node module)

Recently I have started working with node.js. While going through a requirement in one of my projects I am facing an issue where I should be able to write some data to a csv file dynamically and let it prompt as a popup to download for user (with save...

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FileReader.readAsDataURL upload to express.js

I have the following code to upload to my Node.js/Express.js backend.

var reader = new FileReader();

reader.onload = function (e) {
  var result ='/files',;
  result.success(function () { 

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nodejs middleware delaying requests

I'm writing a middleware which will perform a sequence of actions. After the sequence is done, I want the middleware to call next(). from this point on the middleware is redundant. I've written the following code: (here the sequence of actions is...

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Testing Errors passed back with Callbacks with mocha and should

UPDATE 2-July-2013

Using the last approach with the wrapped anonymous function can introduce some strange testing behavior. If you expect a thrown error, but there is an error in the actual execution the test will pass, but will pass on any error...

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