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Node.js doesn't have a good ORM for managing MySQL schema/ can I use SQLAlchemy to manage it?

I need to use Node.js, but it doesn't have a good ORM for MySQL. So I'm planning on using SQLAlchemy to define my schema. And then use node-mysql to do low-level queries (of course, I wouldn't be able to use SQLAlchemy's query language coz it's in...

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Do these two node.js modules do the same thing?

These are two modules. To me, it seems like the same thing, right?

Or...are they used in different situations?

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Detect enter in keypress event node.js rawmode

I am writing a simple commandline tool to allow commandline input to a node.js server. I am trying to make a buffer, so the user can press up and see the last command. To do that I have set


And detects all keypress...

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NodeJS response.write inside callback

I'm using a route to process a url. The functions fire as expected. What I'm trying to do is use the response.write() inside of a call back. I understand this isn't working because the call back doesn't have access to the same variables as the...

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lots of simultaneous connections

I'm working on chat application. The underlying server uses Node.js and the client/server communication goes via WebSockets.

So the question is: how many simultaneous connections can such a server handle (without visible lags)? Of course...

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Using uglifyjs with nodejs in windows

I installed nodejs from on my windows box.

The path to node is C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\node.exe

I can run node in command prompt correctly, my question is...I cloned uglifyjs to C:\gitrepos\uglifyjs\

Now I am trying to figure out...

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Require() in REPL does not seem to work properly

Problem: I just started out in node.js and when using REPL to require a module, its function keeps showing undefined. Where did it go wrong?

Also, why does the var s = require('./simple'); line result in an undefined response? I am using node...

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Error: parser error, 0 of 4344 bytes parsed (Node.js)

I am trying to use an upload program to upload my files. The code that I use is'/photos',loadUser, function(req, res) {
  var post = new Post();
  req.form.complete(function(err, fields, files) {
    if(err) {

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what does -I or "unshift a path mean" in expresso?

I'm not sure I understand what "unshifting a path" with -I means in expresso. Does that mean if I run expresso with the switch as such

expresso -I myCode test/*

That when I normally use require statements in my tests in my test folder such...

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Cleaner way to perform several redis queries within node.js

I did some node.js code to retrieve data within a redis DB but I'm not really happy and I'd like to improve it...
Basically, I have a record "people" in my redis db. From "people" I get a list of "person:i" (i being an integer) and, for each...

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In Node.js, why can't I handle request in request.addListener's callback?

In my node.js server listener callback(http.createServer(cb(response, request)), I write those code:

if(request.url == "/upload") {
  request.addListener("end", function(){
    var form = new formidable.IncomingForm();

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File upload in node.js just keeps uploading indefinitely?

I'm following this tutorial: It teaches you how to upload files using node.js.

This is the full code in app.js:

var express = require('express');
var multipart = require('./multipart');
var fs = require('fs');

var app =...

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Understanding v8/Node.js profiling report

I'm trying to use --prof option with Node.js. So I get the following report after linux-tick-processor:

 [Shared libraries]:
   ticks  total  nonlib   name
  20736   94.8%    0.0%  b78a5000-b78a6000
    574    2.6%    0.0% ...

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How can I get the URL of an <a href=""> in JavaScript?

I'm processing some text in JavaScript (using Node, so please no jQuery). I want to extract all URL's that are in <a> tags on the page. How can I do this in JavaScript?

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mongodb installation Fail

I needed to learn node.js and mongodb which requires me to use my mac osx, so I am new to the shell command line interface.

Problem: When I followed the instructs on mongodb website and installed mongodb and tried to run, I get the following error...

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Is it a bad idea to use port 443 for Socket.IO?

According to the following post, some networks only allow a connection to port 80 and 443: Socket IO fails to connect within corporate networks

Edit: For clarification, the issue is when the end user is using a browser at work behind a corporate...

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mongoose updating a field in a MongoDB not working

I have this code

var UserSchema = new Schema({
    Username: {type: String, index: true},
    Password: String,
    Email: String,
    Points: {type: Number, default: 0}


    var User = db.model('User');
    * Function to save the...

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node.js websocket send custom data

I found a great websocket tutorial. If the server get a message, then the server decodes it, and writes to the console, and after that the server sends it back to the client.

  var firstByte = data[0],  
      secondByte = data[1];


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Security in NowJS

I found NowJS and at the first sight, it looked very cool. I played around with the tutorials and it worked well.

Now I'm asking myself: How safe is this? Isn't it possible to inject XSS? The security issue is the biggest obstacle to use it in my...

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Getting Time-Out Error While Posting Data

js.I am trying to create a file upload using node.js and mongodb.I am getting timeout error in posting data.The code that i use is:'/photos/new', function(req, res) {
  var photo = new Photo();
  req.form.complete(function(err, fields,...

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How to return status code from function in Node.js

I have such function:

function getStatusCode(site){
    var options = {
        host: "",
        port: 8000,
        path: site,
        headers: {
                    Host: site

    var status;


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MongoDB, indexing arrays of ids?

Using MongoDB...

If I have an array of ids in one field, can I quickly query it for containing id_x?

If so how would I insure and index on it so it is as fast as possible?


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Call function by (string) name on node.js

At the client side you do it via window["functionName"](arguments);. How it would be possible in node.js server-side code?

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node.js send more datas

I'm working on a project, where the server send a string to the client, between binary datas

socket.write('\u0000', 'binary');
socket.write('welcome', 'utf8');
socket.write('\uffff', 'binary');

It works, but it sends one after another. It is...

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Remove a value from an array in CoffeeScript

I have an array:

array = [..., "Hello", "World", "Again", ...]

How could I check if "World" is in the array? Then remove it if it exists? And have a reference to "World"?

Sometimes maybe I wanna match a word with a regexp and in that case I won't...

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