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Emitting event in Node.js

I'm trying to teach myself both javascript and nodejs at the same time here and have not been able to get custom event emitting working. I am not receiving any errors, just not seeing the event being emitted. Is someone able to point out my (likely...

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is posible different language on web socket?

i have the problem when i want to try web socket technology on my application. but i want to ask about requiretment of web socket.

1) is posible i'm using Server with javascript language ex is

var io =...

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sequelize for NodeJS: are these features supported?

Here are some questions about features supported by sequelize (sequelize project site) that I would like to clear up before deciding whether or not to use it:

  1. Chaining (efficiency): when chaining multiple queries, are these collected into one...

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NodeJS: Uploading a remote file to S3 with request and knox

I'm trying to devise a way to upload a file from a url to s3 using request and knox. Currently, my code looks like this:

request(item.productImage, function(err, res, body) {
  if (!err && res.statusCode == 200) {
    fs.writeFile('/tmp/' + filename,...

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How can I properly parse an email address with name?

I'm reading email headers (in Node.js, for those keeping score) and they are VARY varied. E-mail addresses in the to field look like:

"Jake Smart" <>,, "Development, Business" <>

and a variety of other...

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Testing Node with Superagent and Mocha

when I run this code below, the user is logged in and the browser is redirected to a new route home. How do I structure the test below to validate that /home is being redirected to.

The application is working fine, I am just trying to get my test...

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How does require() in node.js work?

I tried this:

// mod.js
var a = 1;
this.b = 2;
exports.c = 3;

// test.js
var mod = require('./mod.js');
console.log(mod.a);    // undefined
console.log(mod.b);    // 2
console.log(mod.c);    // 3, so this === exports?

So I image that require() may...

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Routing with express.js - Cannot GET Error

Working with express.js for the first time, and I am stuck on adding my first route.

My route is defined in app.js like so:

app.get('/user/:id/photos', function(req,res){
    res.send('user' +;

However curling to...

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In Express or connect with Node.js, is there a way to call another route internally?

So, I have the setup like this (in Express):

app.get('/mycall1', function(req,res) { res.send('Good'); });
app.get('/mycall2', function(req,res) { res.send('Good2'); });

What if I want make an aggregate function to call /mycall1 and /mycall2...

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node.js application deployment in Windows Azure

I have built my application using node.js, mongodb, redis, express, and planning to deploy it in azure. I have seen that azure has a good support for node.js and it also supports mongo. But I am not very sure if it supports redis as well....

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NodeJS npm - Using Contextify on windows

I'm able to build contextify 0.1.1 using node-gyp on Windows, but I don't know how to get npm to recognize/use this version when resolving other modules' dependencies. 'npm install' fails with the same (expected) 'node-waf was unexpected at this...

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practical solution for dynamodb's max item length (64k) and no-sql's lack of table joins

First, some background context that I think may be very relevant:

I'm proofing dynanodb as a viable solution for an upcoming app. This is a learning experiment to familiarize myself with the dynamodb offering. My platform is amazon EC2 (Linux),...

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Node.js restify on Windows

I want to start developing a REST API with Node.js. My development environment is a Windows 7 machine.

I read that the restify is a good choice for start a REST API, but this module depends from dtrace-provider, and dtrace-provider is not compatible...

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node.js vs apache as http backend for multiplayer game

I have a multiplayer game with a gateway and multiple servers based on node.js and websockets.

Now it of course has a client which all consists of static files (html, js, resources).

Currently I am serving them with node (express framework)...

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Using async module to fire a callback once all files are read

I'm using caolan's 'async' module to open an array of filenames (in this case, template file names).

Per the documentation, I'm using async.forEach(),so I can fire a callback once all operations have completed.

A simple test case is:

var async =...

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nodejs with mongoose adding numbers

My model:

var CategorySchema = new mongoose.Schema({
, sortId: Number

my code:

var ca = 0
Category.findOne({orgId: user.orgId}).desc('sortId').run(function(err, cat){
 if(cat != null){
  ca = cat.sortId + 1

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nodejs - npm install canvas error in windows

I've installed nodejs on windows and tried adding the canvas module using the following command...

npm install canvas

I get the following error message...

'node-waf' is not regonized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch...

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Node.js/Express Caching

I'm pretty new to Node.js/Express, but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I've added this code, which from what I can tell seems to be pretty standard:

app.configure('production', function() {
    var oneYear = 31557600000;

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Node/Express.js - Overriding where to look for the 'Views' folder for each request

In my Node/Express.js project I can set the views folder globally like so:

app.configure(function() {
    app.set('views', __dirname + '/views');
    .... snip ....

...and all my view templates go into the views folder.

Is it possible to...

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express-resource custom mapping

I can't find any decent documentation on this that contains any depth when requiring with app.resource.

The only information that I can find is creating the variable within the current file. Here

The current code that I have is below:

var favs =...

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Error 330 when Gzipping a response from nodejs server

I want to gzip a file hold it in memory and whenever a request comes from the client, i want to output the gzipped data. However I get a error 330 message on my browser (i am using the latest version of chrome)

The code below looks straight forward...

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Node coffeescript class files and inheritance

I have 2 class files: class Foo class Bar extends Foo

How do I define these classes so they are globally available? I get the error in Bar that Foo is not defined.

I have an index.js file that I call node on to run the...

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Why do I to have prefix all my route handlers

I'm creating an application using Expressjs running on node under IISNode (i.e on windows).

I start by setting things up very much like all the expressjs examples I've seen:

  backend.configure(function() {
    backend.register('html', {

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fetch specific attribute from model in backbone.js

i am fetching data using following code

 _.each(cardIds, function(id){        
                   var mdc = new MdlCard({cardId: parseInt(id)});                                
                  mdc.fetch({data:{cardId: parseInt(id)}});

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Cannot find module 'connect', when attempting to use require('connect').utils.parseCookie with nodejs

I am relatively new to nodejs etc. Anyway I have a program that I am attempting to write that uses a session/authentication system based on this one here: Which...

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